Hannah & Lance {Wedding Weekend – Part 1}

Where do I begin? I’m not one for writing much with my blog posts, because I like the pictures to speak for themselves, but I think I need to do a little background here. I usually don’t get very personal on my blog. Actually, never (by the way, did everyone know I have an 8 month old son?! Maybe not, because that’s how non-personal my posts are). Anyway, this wedding was a little different. It was very personal. Why? Because some of the people that mean the most to me in the world were a part of it, starting with my friend, Hannah. Hannah and I met 9 years ago (ouch) in the first few weeks of our freshman year at Auburn. I knew we would be fast friends for a number of reasons, and I was right about every one. My friendship with Hannah grew, along with the rest of our group of friends, and resulted in what we now know today as…13AuburnFriends. I don’t expect anyone to understand the bond that we have, but I don’t know what my life would look like without these girls. I will say that it was only the Lord that could have knitted together such a talented, encouraging, selfless, fun, wise, and different group of women. When I say talented, no one represents this better than Hannah. I could explain her, but I think her website would do a better job for me. You must check her out. Of course, you may already know her from her appearances on HGTV and The Nate Show. That’s right… I have famous friends. Before I get too long winded (this is why I don’t usually write on my posts!), let me get back to the weekend…

I will save most of the details of the big day for my next post. For now though, I will start with the first day of the weekend. As we arrived at the hotel in Dallas, we were given the most precious welcome box full of fun Texas treats…a perfect representation of Hannah.

To begin the day, the girls got their nails and toes done. Some dear friends of Hannah’s mom made the morning happen. Who doesn’t love getting pampered?! The best start to the weekend. 

Then we arrived at one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever been in for the bridesmaid’s luncheon. Y.U.M.M.Y. These ladies made sure we dined in style. Check out some of the incredible details. 

Um, how cute is Hannah? Have I mentioned that we are always eager to see what Hannah wears to any given event. She always puts her Hannah flair into every outfit.

The bridesmaid’s gifts? An oversized mens shirt with our girly monograms on the pockets. How perfect. How Hannah. Cutest idea ever. 

Then a quick stop at the church for the rehearsal. Here’s where you meet her wonderful fiance (husband!), Lance. Lance loves Hannah. I still can’t get over how perfect they are together. Lance has such a fun style of his own. He works at Ralph Lauren (I know, can this couple get any more cute and stylish?). Southerners living in New York City that do all their DIY projects together…I don’t think it could get any better. 

And to end the incredible day…MEXICAN!!! Hello?! We are in Texas after all. Mexican has to be involved in some way. We ate, visited, toasted, and celebrated Hannah and Lance.  There was so much love for these two in the room. It was such a sweet and special night. 

Their last night as fiances! Tomorrow, they become Mr. and Mrs. Villio!