Alicia & Rick – Engaged!

This engagement shoot in Athens, GA was so much fun for me for many reasons. First of all, Rick and Alicia are high school sweethearts…how awesome is that?! It’s not often that you find a couple that has practically grown up together, so it’s exciting to watch them join their lives forever. Also, Rick is my cousin (of course, I’ve always called him Little Ricky, but I guess he’s too old for that now), so it was honor to join them in celebrating their engagement. I’ve literally watched Rick grow up into the mature, godly man that he is today, and I loved getting to spend some more time with his precious (and beautiful) fiance, Alicia. These two were troopers and you would never know, by the way they look, that it was almost 100 degrees outside that day. I had to choke back my pride being on the University of Georgia campus (being an Auburn grad), but it turned out to be a great day!

PS. War Eagle! (sorry, I had to)